Gudbrand Johnsen Myttingsødegård
Born 1815 in Ringebu Oppland Norway
Wife: Ingeborg Haldorsdtr Nesset, born in 1816 in Rørviksnesset Fåvang Oppland Norway
Daughter: Marthe Gudbransdatter Myttingsødegård, born 1842
Son: John Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1844
Son: Hans Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1847
Daughter: Mari Gudbrandsdatter Hallum, born 1851
Son: Christen Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1854
Son: Peder Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1857, died 1949
Son: Martinus Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1863

Gudbrand married Ingeborg Haldorsdtr Nesset in 1842 in Ringebu Oppland Norway. One posting has his job description as Hallum Imsdalen, which means he worked on the Hallum farm, and then later worked on a farm in Imsdalen. According to the 1865 census for the Ringebu region, there was a Guldbrand Johnsen living at the Hallum farm next to Brokkum (or Brekkom), along with his wife and 4 children. Brekkom is just east of the town of Fåvang, a small town in the Gudbrandsdalen valley south of the town of Ringebu and north of Lillehammer.

Ten years later, the 1875 census for the Ringebu region has Guldbrand Johnsen and his family living at Imsdalen nordre (northern). Imsdalen is a side valley off the Østerdalen valley, stretching north west into Oppland County and just east of the town of Ringebu. The Imsdalen northern farm is next to the Huset Farm located just north of Nordre Imssjøen, the north lake in the Imsdalen valley. While the Huset Farm today is still there, the Imsdalen northern farm is just a small clearing in the woods on the side of the hill next to the road, with no buildings remaining.

Peder Gudbrandsen Hallum (Gudbrand’s son) was my great grandfather who immigrated to America and bought a farm 7 miles south of Brooten, MN. After immigrating he changed his name to Peder G. Imsdahl. There are a number of family trees listed on that have Peder’s father as Gudbrand Johnsen Myttingsødegård from Ringebu Oppland Norway. It was the custom in Norway for the third name to identify the farm or area in which they lived. That is why Peder and others from Imsdalen changed their name to Imsdahl after immigrating to America.

Gudbrand's Children
All of Gudbrand's children who immigrated to America took the name Imsdahl after immigrating.

1) Marthe Gudbransdatter Myttingsødegård, born 4-9-1842. According to one listing, Marthe married Peder Paulsen Tromsnesødegåd. They had 11 children (first cousins to my grandfather):

1. Edvard Pedersen Strandbogen (born 1863)

2. Pauline Pedersdatter Strandbogen (born 1865)

3. Johannes Pedersen Strandbogen (born 1867)

4. Johannes Pedersen Morkebakken was born on 2-7-1868 in Fåvang, Oppland, Norway, and died on 5-3-1949. Norwegian naming tradition says that if a child dies, the next child of that sex would be given the same name. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that child number 3 above died before this son was born. Johannes married Mari Andersdatter Storhaugen (born 1867). They had 6 children (second cousins to my father):

1 – Anna Johannesdatter Jordet (born 1891)

2 – Marie Johannesdatter Jordet (born 1893)

3 – Anton Johannesen Jordet (born 1895)

4 – Halstein Johannesen Jordet (born 1897)

5 – Johan Johannesen Jordet (born 1901)

6 – Malen Johanesdatter Jordet (born 1903)

5. Mathias Pedersen Strandbogen (born 1869)

6. Anne Pedersdatter Strandbogen (born 1870)

7. Peder Pedersen Strandbogen (born 1874)

8. Gustav Pedersen Strandbogen (born 1883)

9. Antone Pedersdatter Strandbogen (born 1886)

10. Mari Pedersdatter Strandbogen

11. Hans Pedersen Strandbogen

2) John Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1844

3) Hans Gudbrandsen Hallum (Hans Imsdahl), was born in 1847. He was an uncle of my grandfather. He had a wife named Anna. They had two children (first cousins to my grandfather). The oldest girl died from T.B. Their second daughter was named Mamie.

4) Mari Gudbrandsdatter Hallum, born 1850 or 1851. The 1865 census for Ringebu has a Mari Guldbrandsdatter, age 15, living with her parents and siblings at the Hallum farm next to Brokkum (or Brekkom). The 1875 census for Ringebu has a Mari Gudbrandsdatter, born in 1851, living with her parents at the Imsdalen nordre (northern) farm. Included in that household are Hanna Amundsdatter, born in 1872, and Andreas Amundsen, born in 1875. Since Mari is the only daughter living in the Gudbrand Johnsen household, it is reasonable to assume that Hanna and Andreas are Mari’s children and the grandchildren of Gudbrand. One listing has a Mari Guldbrandsdatter born on April 24, 1850 in Ringebo who is married to Amund Andersen (born in 1850). They had two children (first cousins to my grandfather):

1. Hanna Amundsdatter, born 9-10-1872 and died 7-17-1950 in Koppang, Hedmark, Norway. She was married to Andreas Larsen (1874 – 1945). They had 5 children (second cousins to my father):

1 – Sigrid Margrethe Larsen was born 7-9-1895 in Stor Elvdal, Hedmark County, Norway, and died on 9-22-1984. She married Jens Kristian Hansen Rød (1894 – 1951). They had 3 children (third cousins to me).

• Kjirsten Hellene Rød (1918 - )

• John Rød was born 7-2-1920 and died on 3-3-2009. He married Aase Rigmor Johansen (1922 – 2000). They had one child, which would be a fourth cousin to my children.

• Else Rød (1922 - )

2 – Laura Larsen (1897 - )

3 – Arne Larsen (1899 - )

4 – Ingrid Larsen (1902 - )

5 – Arne Larsen (1909 - )

2. Andreas Amundsen, born in 1875.

5) Christen Gudbrandsen Hallum (Christ Imsdahl), was born in 1854. He was an uncle of my grandfather. He was from Belgrade, MN and worked as a carpenter. His wife was Anna and they had three children (first cousins to my grandfather):

1. Jenny

2. Josie

3. Alma

6) Peder Gudbrandsen Hallum (Peder G. Imsdahl) was my grandfather’s father.

7) Martinus Gudbrandsen Hallum, born 1863

The 1865 census for Ringebu (Oppland County, Norway) has a Guldbrand Johnsen working as a Husmand med Jord (a renter who grows his own crops or has his own livestock) at the Hallum Farm.

Location of the Hallum farm south of Ringebu in Oppland County, Norway. One internet source claims the Myttingsødegård farm is the next farm directly east of the Hallum farm (the next green dot to the right of Hallum), which indicates Gudbrand likely grew up as a child on that farm and then moved to the Hallum farm after getting married and raising his own family.

The 1875 census for Ringebu has a Gudbrand Johnsen working as a Forpagter og Tømmerkjørrer (I think this means a tenant on the farm who had the job of moving timber logs with horses) on the Imsdalen nordre (north) farm. His son Peder is not listed as living in the same household because he probably was living on his own by this time.

Driving directions from the Hallum Farm near Brekkom to the Imsdalen / Huset Farm in the Imsdalen valley. The modern day Ringus Imsdal water bottling facility is nearby just outside the town of Imsroa.