Johan (John) Didolf Wannebo
Born on 12-24-1875 in Namsos, Norway
Died on 10-31-1961 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Father: Peter Adolf Jensen Vanebo, born 7-15-1855 in Beitstad, Norway, died 10-8-1941
Mother: Berntine Gurina Holm, born 5-9-1855 in Trondheim, Norway, died 8-3-1903 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Wife: Emma Theoline Holte (1878 Ė 1956)
Daughter: Ethel Viola Wannebo, born 12-3-1899, died 1983
Son: Elmer (Al) Didolph Wannebo, born 6-28-1902, died 11-6-1983

John was almost 6 years old in 1881 when his brother William was born in Namsos, Norway. John was 8 years old in 1884 when his sister Alice was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. John was about 7 years old in 1883 when he and his parents and his siblings moved from Norway to the United States. His parents probably changed their family name from Vanebo to Wannebo after immigrating. Norwegian naming tradition had the third name be the familyís address or farm in which they lived. Johnís father was a tenant at Vaneboplass, a place belonging to the farm Vanebu in Beitstad, Norway.

John married Emma on October 26, 1899, and their daughter Viola was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on December 3, 1899. My grandfather was their son Al Wannebo. He was born 3 years later in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so sometime between 1899 and 1902, John and Emma moved from LaCrosse to Minneapolis. Their daughter Viola was my great aunt.

Viola married John Robert Hawkins on September 26, 1925. They had two children (first cousins of my mother), Naomi and John. Naomi married Frank Johnson. Naomi was born about one month after my mother (Shirley), and I remember that they were very close. Naomi and Frank use to attend all of my piano recitals when I was in High School and College.

October 1949: John and Emmaís 50th wedding anniversary with their two children (back row) Al Wannebo and Viola Hawkins.

1975: John and Emmaís children and their spouses. Back row Al and Elva Wannebo. Front row John and Viola Hawkins.

June 28, 1982: Descendants and great niece (and spouses) of John and Emma Wannebo.
Back Row: Cassie Thunstrom (granddaughter of Karen Holte who was Emmaís sister), Honey Lou (Emma Lou) Elliot (Alís daughter), Deno (married to Violaís granddaughter Ellen), Elva Wannebo (Alís wife), Peachy and Jim Wannebo (Alís son and daughter-in-law), Frank Johnson (Violaís son-in-law who is married to Naomi), Arnold and Jeannie Wannebo (Alís son and daughter-in-law), Shirley Moe (Alís daughter), Susan Imsdahl (wife of Brad Imsdahl who is Alís grandson).
Middle Row (seated in chairs): Russell Thunstrom (Cassieís husband), Viola Hawkins, Brad Imsdahl (grandson of Al), Al Wannebo, Milt Ernst (Alís son-in-law who is married to Doris), Arne Moe (Alís son-in-law who is married to Shirley).
Front Row: Ellen (Violaís granddaughter and Naomiís daughter), Naomi Johnson (Violaís daughter), Doris Ernst (Alís daughter), Johnny Hawkins (Violaís son).