Marit Olsdatter Elstadkleiven (Maret Imsdahl)
Born July 22, 1829 in Ringebu Oppland Norway, died February 5, 1918 in Brooten Minnesota
Husband: Hans Engebretsen Morkehaugen (1827 – 1900)
Son: Engebret Hansen Skrukkerudskogem (1853 - )
Son: Ole Hansen Husløkken, born on 3-13-1856 in Ringebu Oppland Norway, died on 12-24-1932 in Brooten, MN
Daughter: Marit Hansdatter Husløkken (1862 - 1956)
Daughter: Mari Hansdatter Husløkken (1859 – 1947)
Son: Hans Hansen Husløkken (1865 - 1955)

Marit and her husband Hans immigrated to Minnesota to be with their children who had already immigrated a few years earlier. They and their children took the name Imsdahl after immigrating, as was the custom of other Norwegians who came from Imsdalen, a valley in Oppland Norway.